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The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD)
The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) is Ireland's only international-standard convention centre, located in the heart of Dublin’s lively city centre. The venue is easily accessible and offers an inspirational setting for meetings with fantastic views of the city and one of Europe’s most esteemed conference venues, is ideally positioned to entice the international business tourism market.

Situated just 15 minutes from Dublin Airport, which has flights to 180 destinations across the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East, The CCD is also supported by infrastructure which includes excellent transport links and 22,000 hotel bedrooms.

Dublin is the business hub of Europe, and with The CCD surrounded by many of the world’s top companies, it is perfectly positioned for hosting business events. All of the city centre’s main tourist attractions, including many iconic buildings, are within walking distance or a short tram ride from The CCD, enabling business and leisure to be easily combined.

The CCD has hosted over 1,400 conferences, won 34 industry awards and maintains a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. The venue has secured conferences right up until 2021, including, ISTH SSC Meeting 2018, the 10th World Congress of Pain 2018, the Festival of Neuroscience 2019 and the Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Annual Meeting 2021.

The CCD is famed for its iconic building and convenient location, and is also revered for its exceptional customer service, premium levels of service and warm Irish welcome.

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Spencer Dock North Wall Quay Dublin Dublin D01 T1W6
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Irish House Party October 11th, 2017, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Press Releases

2,000 scientific experts in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis set for The Convention Centre Dublin in 2018

DUBLIN – 23 May 2017 – The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) will bring its 64th Annual Scientific and Standardisation Committee (SSC) Meeting to The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) from 18-21 July, 2018.

The bid was led by Conference Ambassador Dermot Cox, who is a senior lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and was supported by Fáilte Ireland's Dublin Convention Bureau (DCB) and The CCD as part of their Conference Ambassador Programmes.

“We are excited to welcome SSC 2018 to the city of Dublin,” said Dermot Cox, SSC 2018 meeting president. “We look forward to offering an engaging meeting platform for scientific and clinical working groups that lay the foundation for future breakthroughs and allow the field to collaborate toward patient-centric solutions.”

Ciara Gallagher, Head of Business Tourism & Events at Fáilte Ireland emphasised, “This bid has been a long time in process which makes the success even better. Fáilte Ireland is delighted that on the third bid with Professor Cox we were able to secure it for Dublin in 2018." She added "The work and dedication of conference ambassadors like Dermot supported by our own Dublin Convention Bureau delivers great value to the local economy with this event alone worth €3.2 million.”

Adrienne Clarke, Head of Conference Sales at The CCD commented, “We are looking forward to welcoming the ISTH to Dublin after working very closely with Dermot Cox and Fáilte Ireland. International association bookings for the coming years are proving strong which is testament to our commitment to the Conference Ambassador Programme. Key factors in the success of the programme include The CCD's flexibility and suitability for association meetings, excellent city support from Fáilte Ireland, Dublin’s location and accessibility and, of course, consistently exceptional service from The CCD team.”

The meeting is expected to bring together 2,000 clinicians, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals and industry partners from more than 94 countries. It will showcase new research and educational presentations from the leading experts in thrombosis, haemostasis and vascular biology and will offer a line-up of plenaries, education and breakout sessions, as well as an exhibition.

The ISTH is collaborating closely with a local organising committee of national experts in the field, led by Dermot Cox and PCO Conference Partners International.

“The ISTH is proud to collaborate with Conference Partners International for this meeting,” said Lisa Astorga, ISTH director of meetings. “Their breadth of experience in the association meetings industry and solutions-based approach will be integral to the success of SSC 2018.”

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21st August 2017

The Convention Centre Dublin is third in the world to receive Healthy Venues accreditation

DUBLIN – 5 May 2017 – The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) announced that it has been awarded a silver status by the World Obesity Federation’s Healthy Venues Award programme. The CCD is the second venue in Europe, and third worldwide, to receive a Healthy Venue accreditation after it met all of the criteria to become a Silver Healthy Venue.

The Healthy Venues Award encourages venues to support their delegates and staff in making healthier choices during conferences. It is broken down into three components, workplace health, healthy catering and promoting activity.

Speaking about this prestigious accreditation, Stephen Meehan, CEO of The CCD said, “We are proud to be only the second venue worldwide to receive Silver Healthy Venue accreditation. We worked closely with the World Obesity Federation to ensure we met the criteria,” he added “and we look forward to offering healthy and active choices to conference goers, clients and staff.”

Leonard Fearon, Executive Head Chef at The CCD added, “We are delighted with the Silver Healthy Venue accreditation and to offer healthy menu options in The CCD, using only the finest of Irish ingredients. I’m excited to work with the team on new ideas and innovations for visitors to The CCD over the coming years.”

The CCD already had a number of the requirements in place to provide a healthy venue for delegates and implemented the final initiatives to meet the strict criteria which include:

A Healthy Venue committee to manage the programme.

A complete range of healthy menu options and services to help delegates make the best food choices.

Clear food content labelling and allergen information.

Digital signage that encourages delegates to take the stairs, avail of standing space in meeting rooms and take regular active breaks.

Support from Event Managers to incorporate physical activity into delegate programmes.

Walking and running routes in the local area for delegates available on the website.

Printed maps of the local area at reception and on the website highlighting local services.

Space that can be used for fitness and relaxation sessions.

Information on how to get here by foot and by bike to encourage active travel to the venue.

Facilities for standing and walking receptions.
An internal staff pacer challenge.

The other venues to receive the Healthy Venues Award are the SECC Glasgow who obtained silver accreditation in February 2016 and Vancouver Convention Centre who received bronze accreditation in May 2016.

The CCD has a list of requirements to meet over the next 12 months to ensure the venue maintains the silver accreditation.

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21st August 2017

The Convention Centre Dublin confirms its first conference for 2022

DUBLIN – 16 March 2017 – The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) has announced it has been chosen to host the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in August 2022 with 1,200 participants expected to attend.

The bid was secured by the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association (IDHA) and Keynote PCO during this year’s conference in Basel, Switzerland in June. It was the second attempt to bring the conference to Dublin, having lost out to Korea for the 2019 Symposium, and the IDHA members beat off stiff competition from Australia and Italy.

Louise Fleming, IDHA president commented, “As a small association we have highlighted what a big impact a small group of like-minded professionals can achieve. We have worked hard over the last six years to bring this prestigious conference to Ireland, which will give the IDHA international exposure, and an opportunity to attract a great host of national and international speakers to Dublin. This bid means that we are recognised globally and it puts Ireland firmly on the map as a conference destination.”

“We are delighted to have confirmed our first conference for 2022”, commented Adrienne Clarke, Head of Conference Sales at The CCD. She added, “We are thrilled to have secured this prestigious meeting for Ireland and we would like to thank our industry partners, Keynote PCO and Dublin Convention Bureau (DCB) for their tremendous support in bringing this conference to The CCD.”

The International Symposium on Dental Hygiene is held every three years and offers an opportunity for the understanding and discussion of issues pertaining to dental hygiene. Delegates include dental and oral hygienists, medical and dental practitioners and allied healthcare practitioners.

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21st August 2017

The Convention Centre Dublin credits its Ambassador Programme for Dublin’s rise to 13th place in world ICCA city rankings

DUBLIN – 9 May 2017 – The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) has commended Dublin and Ireland after the announcement of the 2016 International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) rankings.

Dublin has risen to 13th place from 18th in the city rankings having hosted 118 qualifying meetings, while Ireland has risen to 26th place from 32nd in the country rankings having hosted 157 meetings.

Speaking about the positive results, Stephen Meehan, CEO of The CCD said, “It is very encouraging to see Dublin and Ireland move up in the ICCA rankings. We are very proud of our own contribution which is a direct result of the efforts of the teams at The CCD who engage and work with local association members to become ‘Conference Ambassadors’. We also compliment all of our industry partners and Fáilte Ireland on this achievement.”

The CCD runs an Ambassador Programme, which is open to those considering bringing a conference to Dublin and The CCD. It includes Irish association members of international associations, academics and professionals in relevant fields. The programme is designed to encourage ambassadors to actively seek out international association conferences to bring to Dublin and to promote the range of supports and incentives available to bring that event to Ireland.

Last month, The CCD announced that it will host the Velo-city conference series in June 2019 which was secured after The CCD worked initially with conference ambassadors Dublin Cycling Campaign. The conference is expected to attract 2,000 international participants and generate over €3 million for the Irish economy.

Qualifying meetings are international association meetings which must be attended by at least 50 participants, be organised on a regular basis and move between at least three different countries.

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21st August 2017

Dublin and The CCD are chosen to host Velo-city 2019 - European Cyclists’ Federation’s Annual Global Cycling Summit

DUBLIN – 11 April 2017 – The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) has announced that it will host the Velo-city conference series in June 2019 which is expected to attract 2,000 international participants and generate over €3 million for the Irish economy.

The CCD worked closely with conference ambassadors Dublin Cycling Campaign to bring the conference to Dublin and were supported by Dublin City Council, Abbey Conference & Events and Dublin Convention Bureau. The bid was led by Dublin City Council with Dublin and Helsinki shortlisted as potential hosts for Velo-city 2019. An intensive site visit took place in both cities and Dublin came out on top.

Marcio Deslandes, Velo-city Series Director commented, “Dublin is a great example of a city moving towards a more livable, safe and active environment for its citizens.” While Bernhard Ensink, ECF Secretary General added, “We are excited to bring participants from all continents to Dublin. Velo-city 2019 will offer a great opportunity for sharing the experience, knowledge and expertise about the promotion of cycling worldwide.”

Paul Carnell, Sales Director of The CCD commented, “We are delighted to have been chosen to host the European Cyclists’ Federation’s Annual Global Cycling Summit in 2019. The CCD is one of Europe's most environmentally-friendly venues and we constantly strive towards on-going improvement in our business practices. We are excited to be involved in this event, which fits so well with our commitment to long-term sustainability.”

Dublin previously hosted Velo-city in 2005 and is the first city in the world to be awarded the conference twice. Hosting Velo-city in 2005 proved a catalyst for cycling growth in the city with the number of cyclists increasing by 150% since then.

Dublin’s theme for Velo-City 2019 is ‘Cycling for the Ages’, which will encourage cycling by people of all ages, young and old, male and female and to promote the health, environmental, social and economic benefits of cycling. The theme will also show the evolution of cycling in Dublin through the ages and into the future.

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21st August 2017


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