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Kobe Convention Bureau
Kobe is an international port city wedged between the Rokko Mountain Range and the Seto Inland Sea. With a local population representing more than 130 countries, Kobe is a cosmopolitan city where Japanese tradition collides and blends with over 150 years of European influence to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

Functional & Accessible
Kobe's Convention Center is Japan's first convention precinct with over 36 years of event planning and support know-how. 30 minutes to an hour from Kansai Intl’ Airport, three domestic airports, as well as major rail stations, the Kobe Convention Center boasts easy access with 1246 hotel rooms within walking distance and over 8000 within a 10-minute train ride.

A City of Innovation
Kobe is at the forefront of medical, port management and disaster reduction innovation. As host to Japan’s largest biomedical innovation cluster, a port well versed in heavy industry and logistics and the world’s leading disaster management facilities, Kobe offers inspiration in an exciting environment.

Unique Experiences
Whether you are out to try Kobe Beef, take a tour of a Sake brewery, dine in a shrine, hike the mountains, take a dip in the sea, climb the world’s longest suspension bridge, or take a technical visit of one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, Kobe has plenty to inspire and spark the imagination.
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